Elite 1 on 1 Coaching


For the purpose-driven entrepreneur looking to make an influence, a life-changing income, and a massive impact on the world.

I'm Ready to do this, Rachel!

"If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you'll achieve the same results." 

Tony Robbins

Here's what I already know about you:

  • You’re a passionate, purpose-driven woman who wants to create a successful business doing what you love
  • You’re a high-achiever and you don’t settle. Ever. You want crazy success and you want it on your own terms
  • You’re a born leader and when you make up your mind about something, you freaking go all in
  • You want to get clear on the bigger vision for yourself so you can create a deep, meaningful impact on the world

My exclusive 1:1 private coaching is the program for the driven girl boss who’s serious about creating a killer income online doing what they LOVE while changing lives in the process.  


If you know you could benefit from the daily support, specific ‘how-to’ strategies, as well as the ‘what to do’ direction from someone who’s been there before you...and who can save you money, a heck of a lot of time and effort to help you reach your dreams 10 times faster….  

Then YES this is the program for you!

I always knew I wanted to have my own business...but I had so many ideas and struggled to take things to the next level.  

I found my mentor and made a HUGE investment (at the time for me) in having her coach me.  

In 3 months I went further than I had the previous 5 years. #truth  

Hiring a business coach, someone who has been there before you and can show you the ropes is hands down the best invesment you can make. I'm proof of that. 


I’ve built my businesses only using social media. I’ve created a following of over 100,000 and generate over 36,000 visits to my blog monthly! 

My social media following allowed me to launch a $9 eBook that generated over $1,000 in sales the day it launched…and it crashed my website! 

It also allowed to me PRE SELL a program and earn $700 the day it launched. Pre-sell = no actual program or product yet. Crazy, right?!  

I did all of that in my fitness business (earning over $300,000)...then I started teaching entrepreneurs how to grow their influence, income, and impact using Pinterest. 

With a teeny tiny baby email list (2 weeks into my biz), I pre-sold my very first online training course, earning over $3,000 that first month with my new business. The next month? I tripled that. 

Our first year in business we served over 1,700 students and earned over $430,000.

Since then, I've coached other entrepreneurs to teach them how to set up strategic systems to make their online strategy SMART.

I’ve learned a lot over the past 7 years being in business and can give you a step by step strategy that you can implement ASAP so you can get increase your influence, income, and impact!  

When you show up and we work together…  

Dreams come true.  



  • We’ll kick off our coaching with a 60-Minute session to understand where you’re at right now, what your struggles are, and what your vision is for the next 90 days. We will get super clear on your mission and create a step-by-step plan for more income, impact and freedom.


  • After our initial session, we will begin our coaching sessions. Each call will be focused on specific strategies you need to take to move forward. You’ll walk away knowing exactly what you need to be working on to move closer to your goals. 


  • Yes! Access to me whenever you need it. We use Voxer, the free audio app so you can ask me any questions between our session to keep up your momentum. I’ll review everything you’re working on so you if you’re stuck on something, you don’t need to wait until our next call. Reach out and I will be there for you (response guaranteed in 24-48 hours).


  • You’ll get unlimited access to all my trainings, courses, tools, scripts, and resources. Literally everything that I've spent years developing #heckyes

"You seriously ignited something in me. I'm NOT creative but if I have some nudging and a little guidance with ideas I can run with it and make it my own. The way you were able to break it down in bite sized pieces and explain the flow to generate more business for me was EXACTLY what I needed! This is totally your gift and I'm so thankful for your help."

Natalie Tuman, Entrepreneur

If you made it this far...

Then you're serious about making a life-changing transformation in your business. 

But just to be clear...I'm looking for the passionate, driven, make ish happen kind of girl to help her take her business and life to the next level.

If you’re not willing to show up and put in the work, then we aren’t a good fit to work together. 

I’m only interested in working with the girl who’s relentless, who follows directions, and who’s willing to do the work to make her dreams happen.

We are gonna work hard but you better believe we'll have a ton of fun along the way.